Men’s Dilemma – I don’t wanna cheat

One of the biggest mysteries in the world of relationships is why do us men in serious and committed relationships stray when we can get sex right there in our own backyard.  For those who are fascinated by this seemingly self-destructive behaviour, we could study the work of psychiatrists like Sigmund Freud, who thought it was a symptom of what he called the “Madonna/whore syndrome”. Freud was the pioneer of psychoanalysis and a man driven by theories of unconscious childhood urges lurking just beneath our veneer of social morality. He proposed the answer lay in the way men divided women into two types: the wives and mothers of our children (picture-perfect angels of purity), and the raw, lust-filled prostitutes who were only good for one thing, which was to satisfy our pent-up desires, thus protecting our wives from the unseemly ravages of desire. I suppose the idea of “I don’t wanna cheat” never really came up. The theory went that we chose one type to marry, the other type to have raunchy sex with on the side, and that everyone should be pleased with the arrangement.

Sigmund Freud was a man of his times. Come the present era of female “liberation and equality” we don’t look at things in quite the same way, though perhaps the vestiges of his ideas still linger in the unconscious mind. Some people (men mostly) believe a better solution of the stigma now attached to cheating might be for women to act more “erotic” and “uninhibited” with their partners if they want to prevent their men from straying. A bit less the lady and a little more the lascivious libertine.

Others discuss the desirability of re-visiting the good old days when Freud’s theories held sway. Especially with the pressure-cooker environment we now live in. Is it again time to accept the wonderful social role of the prostitute to ease the stresses of long hours, time-poor recreation and, let’s face it, the general loss of interest that happens with just living together for so long? 

Like most people, you may not have considered it very deeply, but a prostitute could be just the therapy you need to save your marriage. With one move, you can avoid the problems of cheating and bring back the sizzle you had in those heady, can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other days. The possibilities are endless and both you and your wife could benefit from someone telling you what you could do better in the bedroom by hiring a prostitute to watch you and give you pointers. Like a coach correcting your golf swing. Plus, a little competition in the bedroom will definitely get her wanting to lift her game. A talented, well-seasoned prostitute can correct those small mistakes that lead to big divorce settlements. Once your wife sees all the tricks that drive you wild, that spark will ignite her competitive side and she’ll be vying for your affections like a priest at an altar boy sleepover.

It may even be that your wife doesn’t work, and it’s really starting to set a bad example for your little daughter; this could be the catalyst for seeking “professional guidance”. The last thing you want is your daughter to grow up thinking a man is going to take care of her all her life. You’ll want her to know the value of an honest day’s work. Getting a prostitute around the house will set that great example of a strong, independent working woman for your daughter that she so desperately needs.

So, I think we can look to the past to find a way to navigate the complexities of our modern lives. Thanks to the likes of pioneers like Freud, we can avoid the mental dilemmas about I don’t wanna cheat even though it’s probably hard-wired into our DNA.

What People Say


Over some time now I have been fortunate to have visited many establishments claiming to be “Melbourne’s Best Brothel”, or words suggesting similar statements. I am now of the opinion that this claim should only apply to one such establishment. The Cherry Tree Garden, in industrial western suburbs Williamstown, of all places, is the one. The most discreet staff, the most beautiful, caring and certainly sensual ladies, in exquisite surroundings. If you have not had the pleasure, and, I mean pleasure, of visiting this establishment, then, put it on your bucket list. You will return again and again. Why?
It is simply the best. Unsolicited and with permission,

Michael R

Happy New Year to Lily, girls and managers at the Cherry Tree. Unbelievable place! I’ve watched the place grow since you opened a year or so ago and always had a great time. Keep doing whatever you’re doing. (with permission, 1 Jan 19)


This place is getting great reviews and I would like to add mine. As others have said it is very stylishly decorated with the nice themed rooms and someone has put in a lot of attention to detail in the furnishings, decor etc – well done to whoever that is. Nice private parking at the rear, very friendly reception staff and the girls are all very beautiful. They have only ever had a couple available during my visits but they have always been so WOW that it has not been a problem – all equally beautiful, very friendly, polite and immaculately groomed. The girls provide a terrific service, no STARFISH in/out and on your way at this establishment. During my most recent visit I had a service from M****e who I can highly recommend. It was especially nice in that she included an incredibly good professional massage which was well received as I was quite sore and aching in parts form an overdone bike ride the previous day. Got a great “comfort service” and therapeutic massage all in the one visit. I have always visited during the early daytime and it seems to get a good steady flow of clients. I am overdoing the bike rides again to get an excuse to return ASAP. Nov 20/2018


From the moment you’re greeted at the door. Till you’re being waved goodbye by an exotic beauty, service and pleasure are what you get at The Cherry Tree. Highly recommend it to anyone. (Nov 10/2018)
PS. You have permission to use this on your comments page.

Richard S

Dear lily. Amazing to come back again – it was nearly a year ago last time I came. Please post this on your website if you wish to let others know this is without doubt the best run brothel in Melbourne. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved and of the happy, beautiful girls you employ. Nov, 2018

Hapii Hour

I can only agree with all the great reviews for the Cherry Tree. Lily’s running a great shop, girls are wonderful and service outstanding. October, 2018


This place seems to get great reviews was worth a visit. Amazing. I loved the friendly front desk people, the decor and, to make it complete, the girls are great – happy friendly and gorgeous. August 2018

Michael R

Dear Rob and Tiffany. Been coming here since you opened last year. Love seeing the Cherry Tree doing so well and that you have never compromised on the friendly service and having happy, beautiful girls around. Had a great time tonight. Best, May 26/18

Thanks for the wonderful time with two of the beautiful, happy young women there. Great place and so nice to get a genuine full service for the prices you advertise, without a list of optional “extras” You guys need to advertise more! With permission-April 30/18

Beautiful, happy girls and great service. Thanks lily. P.s. the blog on 50 shades of grey is the funniest thing I’ve read in years! With permission-April 2/18

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