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What could be better than those ‘stunning’ Melbourne Escorts in Melbourne?

Welcome to the beautiful Cherry Tree Garden where you will find the hottest girls offering you more than any premier escort service in Melbourne. Booking out-call escorts is life’s greatest hit-or-miss affair in the digital world of photoshop and over-priced ‘backpage goddesses’ who turn out to be quite different in the flesh. Visiting our classic-styled bordello will ensure you enjoy a real, unforgettable and intimate experience with a blend of luxury and warmth.

Intimate Moments with a choice of real women or Private Escorts in Melbourne?

All the rooms in our establishment are exquisitely furnished to deliver you sheer comfort and pleasure whether your taste in ambience is romantic French, graceful British, Japanese, Thai, Chinese or even Ottoman Moorish. We have earned a great reputation as an alternative to the escort services industry of Melbourne for offering the highest level of personalised service. All our beautiful women are committed to arousing your passions.

We focus on offering you the most satisfying sexual experience in a beautiful place and caring about your privacy and security. Step into the sensual, seductive world of The Cherry Tree Garden where you can find the perfect escape to exceptional erotic pleasure.

In many of the legal brothels in Melbourne, customers have an enormous range of choice in the nationalities of the young women available, as well as choice to enjoy these pleasures at the brothel or through an “Out Call” or Escort service where a beautiful woman will come to you.

Unlike visiting a brothel in Melbourne, Escort or “Out Call” services are provided in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room, apartment or your own home. Customers occasionally prefer this service as some Melbourne brothels are busy with other customers, or discretion and privacy are foremost in the customers’ minds.

Although Escorts are usually just seen as carrying out a specific function – sex – some customers enjoy spending an hour or two with an Escort to explore sexual fetishes and fantasies that they may not want to share with their own partner. Others are simply looking for a quick way to get sex and this, or visiting the brothel, is one of the best ways of getting it.

What do Escorts and “Out Call” Workers do?

Many escorts tend to carry out a whole range of functions. There are those who will simply offer sexual services to their customers in the normal “out call” way at the customer’s home or apartment and will usually leave after the allotted one or two hours. Then there are the so-called “high class” ones who will only provide sex in 5-Star hotel rooms, and/or accompany the customer on social outings or occasions as a companion and will charge very high prices for their services.

Often, specific relationships do build up between escorts and their customers. In many ways, these are like “business” relationships. The customer will pay money for the services of an Escort and they will receive services in return. However, it is also good for an Escort to have customers who return again and again whether they work in a legal brothel in Melbourne or through an agency.

Are Escorts a good choice?

Unfortunately, there are also many independent escorts/prostitutes, operating illegally, that you can find advertised all over the internet, operating out of rented apartments or tacky-looking massage shops. These individuals can charge whatever they like. When it comes to quality and finding a professional though, you may want to consider going through an agency or through a licenced brothel to protect both your health, and potentially, your safety. After all, you might as well get safe and good sex if you’re going to pay a lot of money for it!

At the end of the day, sex work is a form of customer service and sex is a very unusual and complicated commodity to sell. Sometimes, both sex, affection, and companionship are packaged and since customers are willing to purchase it, it can be sold freely and for a good price.

A lot of Escorts do enjoy their jobs very much and have genuine friendships with their customers. Although there are specific limits and boundaries in these relationships, it is still something that provides a useful function to both parties.

But a word of warning. Booking Out-Call or Escorts directly off the Internet or from marginally legal advertisements in local papers is very much a hit-or-miss affair in the digital world of photoshop. Those cheap ‘Backpage goddesses’ with just an untraceable mobile phone number can turn out to be quite different in the flesh and far more expensive than you think, usually far more than the beautiful young women in the licenced brothels in Melbourne.

For further information on Escort and Outcall services please feel free to call us.

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