Prices and Opening Hours at The Cherry Tree Garden


– Come and see why we’re Australia’s highest rated establishment –

*** Specials for March:  2 gorgeous young women – $200 for a half hour ***

Book your favourites or just treat yourself to some fantasy sex in Melbourne’s Classic Bordello. A memorably sensual encounter at Lily Yang’s famous Cherry Tree Garden.

Telephone: 8383 3271

 Wednesday, March 20:  Lily’s legendary ladies today – the vivacious Susanne and Alisha with delightful new girls Mia, Juno, Fiona and Baby


20 minutes $100
30 minutes $120
45 minutes $180
60 minutes $230

Payment is required prior to service to the lady of your choice. Cash, Amex, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal are acceptable.
A small transaction fee is passed-on for card payments.

The ladies pride themselves on providing an exceptional full service to their guests for their published prices.


We are open 7 days from: 10.00 a.m. until 2.00 a.m. (3.00 a.m. Friday and Saturday), every day of the year.


18 Albemarle Street
Williamstown 3016
Telephone: 03 8383 3271 or 0411 837 137 . SWA10707B


Do prices for sex vary much?

Yes, they do. A BMW 7 Series and an older Ford Escort will both get you where you want to go, one with style and class with many wonderful features included in the price, and the other will usually do so as well – and if you buy “extras”, you can make the trip more enjoyable. Choosing to visit The Cherry Tree Garden is like always travelling with style and class.

There are also the illegal massage shops, or the photoshopped “sex goddesses” on the Internet or social media to choose from, but you may need to add on the price of a visit to your friendly doctor and for the especially unlucky, also finding yourself clapped in irons when the local constabulary drop by as they do more and more these days.

So, comparing a classy legal brothel like The Cherry Tree Garden, or any other top brothel in Melbourne with the photoshopped girl in a rented room in Docklands who probably won’t be there tomorrow, or the shabby looking High Street massage parlour, certainly isn’t a useful comparison. Yes, brothel prices do vary a lot. You just need to make sure you are comparing “apples with apples”.

Shopping on price alone is a good guide to bad sex

Asking for brothel prices over the phone is misleading and not the right question to be asking unless you understand why they vary. Our discerning guests look to value for money, which is different. They ask themselves: “What’s the experience I’m looking for?” This might include the ambience, privacy & discretion, front-desk service standards, attractiveness of the young women, inclusions in the service (beware of the omissions about “extras” you only find out about later) and then deciding what’s a fair price. The Cherry Tree Garden prides itself on exceptional value for our customers for the prices we list.

So, collecting telephone numbers and calling around brothels in Melbourne asking about price is bad economics. Gentlemen, get in your car and pay a visit. The managers at the top brothels in Melbourne will happily show you around without any obligation.

You can also check out the comments on a brothel’s website or read the feedback on Google which can give you some insights into whether your money is going to be well spent. Brothel prices in isolation of all the other important factors are a bad measure of good service for what you’re seeking from a top Brothel in Melbourne.



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