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Dear Clueless: it maybe that you never noticed before, perhaps you were too dazed in the glow of early romantic perfection of your love? But these are quite normal day-to-day pleasures men enjoy in their partners, and they are even more enjoyable in the pre-menstrual time where some women have been known to chew off their partner’s arm. I recommend a small Bluetooth device playing “you are not alone” by Michael Jackson until the moment passes.

Dear Mis-shapen ????: It’s not just any kids. We have our own charity and we help very young, sexually abused children. It’s something we feel passionate about. Our lovely guests, like your friend, are very supportive of what we are trying to do. So, next time you come in, dig in the glovebox for that loose change, even a few 20 cent pieces is great. It’s good for your soul.

Dear Lusty: Pay her $300,000 a year.

Dear Ian: You are clearly a member of Mensa to be asking a meaning of life question. Finding two such mutually desirable but contradictory fantasies in the one person is the holy grail of relationship dilemmas and though not completely unknown, like hen’s teeth and four leaf clovers, most people are usually happy to settle for one or the other. Some even decide to reach this exalted state by having two partners, one for each, which can work well depending on the secrecy practiced by one or the tolerance given by the other. My advice therefore is to choose which is the more desirable. Alternatively, my recommendation is to take a middle road and seek “affection and companionship” – these are infinitely more important than seeking the Hallmark Romantic Fantasy and does lead to living happily ever after. I hope this at least will set you on the right path.

Dear Mels – Nice to hear from you again. He’s just a gift that keeps on giving isn’t he (providing he can swing a personal favour or two in return). Still I suppose the huntin’, shootin’, cattle-rootin’ rednecks drinking beer in their trailer parks love how great America is again. Yep, let’s do it – we’ll find some nice men that can at least still see their feet.

Dear Helen: My opinion is much the same as yours especially as we have such a wonderful purpose-built alternative. It’s strange that it gets this name. I’ve only ever known one girl who pretended to enjoy it, except on PornHub – she was Greek as a matter of fact, but that’s not a very serious bit of research. These stereotypes just seem to pop up, like New Zealanders and sheep. I’ve never had a letter from a sheep approving or complaining about the Kiwi men’s preferences for them, so I don’t know how true this is either. Anyway, to your question. My advice is to give him his wish; buy a strap-on, an XXL one, and you give him what he’s asking you for, and skip the lubricant. I’m sure the requests will cease afterwards and your anterior region can continue to enjoy the task it was actually designed for.

Dear dick: First of all, we girls appreciate humour in a man above most other things. I suppose in your case, a sense of humour may be especially useful. Humour rates just below filthy rich, but well above over/undersize dongers, so you can assume that the size or the lack thereof is not that important. I must say that the problem of penis size is very much, in my opinion, a male generated one with men’s belief that sex is only about genitals, so bigger must be better. It isn’t. Focus on everything else – having fun, exploring sensuality and intimacy. Most girls will not care much about the size of that cute little appendage when it’s called to action if you follow this advice.

Dear Paul: Do you know how many millions of men who, when confronted with sex with no strings attached, would not be writing to me about it. They’d be into the shower, calling Interflora, stopping by the chemist and beating a path to her door with a grin from ear to ear. But since you did write, here’s some advice: Women try to persuade men into bed by saying that sex is just nothing, and it will simply be a pleasurable but meaningless experience. We are lying through our teeth. It’s men who want the meaningless experience, women want a deeper relationship so be prepared for a different best friend if you agree.

Dear Confused: She’s weighing up a few things. She’s probably earning as much as the Prime Minister and thinks you’re going to ask her to give it up. For you, love, and a living wage. Do the maths.

Dear Torn: From your email, I can easily tell you love her and want to stay together. The only question for you is how would she feel if you told her. I can tell you a few possibilities: she’ll feel she’s not good enough, why didn’t she know, will you do it again, are you still lying to her, was she better than her in bed, does she know her, to name a few. Does she deserve that anguish? Your guilt will fade, but trust never returns. So keep quiet.

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