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A steamy Erotic Massage in Melbourne

Sometimes just a cup of coffee or a glass of your favourite wine is not enough to drown out your stress before or after a hectic day. You need something extra, something intense, seductive and intimate to get that kickstart or to wind down. At The Cherry Tree Garden, our stunning girls can delight your body and soul with an erotic massage.

Indulge yourself with the magic of an Erotic Massage in Melbourne

At The Cherry Tree Garden, enjoy the most erotic relaxation experience. Slowly lose yourself in time and space and feel your sensual energy invigorate your whole body.

Adult massages are a perfect way to reward yourself or to enjoy for absolutely no reason at all: a sensual touch that will prepare you for sex with a beautiful woman or leave you totally refreshed, satisfied and delighted afterwards.

Experience a caressing touch from a beautiful woman and let your body and soul revel in a blissful erotic massage in Melbourne.


If you happen to live in the western suburbs or Williamstown you won’t need to go into the city for an erotic adult experience in a massage parlour, illegal or otherwise. The Cherry Tree Garden is a fully licenced brothel located in Williamstown and within easy access from both the city and western suburbs. As well as providing the best full service in Williamstown, we also specialise in adult massage services. Our customers know us as very discreet, very private and friendly totally focused on the needs of men or couples. Here, we provide a wide range of erotic and sensual massage services that are sure to leave you feeling completely satisfied.

What is an erotic massage and how is it different?

Erotic massage uses gentle sensual movements to excite the sexual areas of your body, to invigorate your libido and increase your ability to respond positively to as you prepare your mind for sex. As a sensual form of sexual foreplay, an erotic massage will heighten your physical and mental sensitivity prior to sex, or a happy ending, when full sexual arousal and fulfillment is intended afterwards. The erotic massage then is intended to allow you to surrender to the rediscovery of your senses, feelings and emotions. For some people an erotic massage may also be helpful to some men to address issues around premature ejaculation by gently leading you to more enjoyment through relaxing areas around the pelvis and thus prolonging arousal and increase pleasure during sex itself.

Erotic massage techniques work to arouse your body and create desire for the ultimate release. You know that tranquil, nothing-can- break-this- calm feeling you have after sex? That’s because both life and sexual energy have been released. Erotic massages can mirror that sensation and put you in a deeply relaxed mental state.

What to expect

Erotic massages are not rushed rituals – they involve slow hands that gently arouse your body to its peak. It’s a deeply pleasurable, prolonged experience. You might go in stressed and hassled, but you’ll come out excited and delighted practically jumping with joy. An erotic massage really is that life changing!

An erotic massage starts like any typical massage session: with a full body massage to relax your tired joints and aching muscles. Once your mind and body are as smooth as silk, you will experience more sensual techniques, such as feeling her hands stroking lightly down your back and occasionally pressing her naked body against yours. Trust us, an erotic massage is quite hot! By the time she asks you to turn over, so she can pay attention to your front, there’ll be one body part that’s anything but relaxed.

You’ll notice her highly skilled hands teasing and tempting you towards a release. She’ll constantly bring you back and forth from the edge, dangling the promise of a mind blowing happy ending in front of you. You’ll be putty in her gorgeous hands. When she finally allows you to let go, remember to surrender to the sensation and let your body ride the intense waves of pleasure. You’ll be left feeling drained of energy, but insanely relaxed and motivated for life. It’ll be a happy ending you’ll always remember.

So, visit and experience a caressing touch from a beautiful woman and let your body and soul revel in a blissful erotic massage in Melbourne and slowly lose yourself in time and space and feel your sexual energy invigorate your whole body.

All adult erotic massages are a perfect way to reward yourself or to enjoy for absolutely no reason at all.

What People Say

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From the moment you’re greeted at the door. Till you’re being waved goodbye by an exotic beauty, service and pleasure are what you get at The Cherry Tree. Highly recommend it to anyone. (Nov 10/2018)
PS. You ...

Dear lily. Amazing to come back again – it was nearly a year ago last time I came. Please post this on your website if you wish to let others know this is without doubt the best run brothel in Melbourne. You should ...

I can only agree with all the great reviews for the Cherry Tree. Lily’s running a great shop, girls are wonderful and service outstanding. October, 2018

This place seems to get great reviews was worth a visit. Amazing. I loved the friendly front desk people, the decor and, to make it complete, the girls are great – happy friendly and gorgeous. August 2018

Oct 27

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Australia's premier establishment with the finest young women. Please check with us for the beautiful ladies working today. Always spoiled for choice at The Cherry Tree Garden.

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