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There’s a quote in the sex industry that says: “The adult industry is an industry where they exaggerate the size of everything.”

Well, maybe, but for some legal brothels revenues have been dipping over the last few years, mostly owed to the amount of free material available on the web and illegal massage parlours operating openly in every abandoned milk-bar. In Darwinian terms, these dinosaurs who have not adapted are part of history. On the other hand, the creative legal brothels in Melbourne are doing better than ever.

But just how do they do it? The truth is, the entire adult industry has benefited massively from a shift in opinion worldwide. More so than ever, the customers are craving authentic advertisements and genuine levels of service, and the younger visitors are ostensibly more liberal than the generation before them. Nevertheless, the adult services industry doesn’t have the luxury of being able to publicly showcase offerings on a pedestal. Imagine driving home and passing a massive billboard, or opening your company email inbox, only to see it littered with blatant, photo-shopped advertisements like you might find on “Backpage” – which is tacky enough, especially to the more upmarket brothels and their customers. So, how does an adult services organisation that embodies and profits from one of society’s biggest taboos translate its services into something that entices people, whilst remaining on the good side of an increasingly aware society.

The Cherry Tree Garden decided to focus on high quality, attractive young women in a classy, clean and discreet establishment rather than advertising an endless list of “available” women each espousing some made-up sexual talents to lure customers through the door. So, we lost some business but gained customers who appreciate what we are trying to do and return time and time again.

Adult Services in Melbourne to meet all Your Desires

At the Cherry Tree Garden, you can enjoy a seductive and sensuous experience with a beautiful woman. The Cherry Tree Garden is the ultimate place for you to experience exquisite, enticing Melbourne adult services. Let your erotic dreams become reality. What can be more refreshing or fascinating than getting the undivided attention of a beautiful, gorgeous courtesan after a busy day, or “just because you deserve to feel this good…”.

Our seductive young women will excite you with their stimulating touch, velvet-smooth skin and passionate embrace, melting away any worries of the day – at least for a little while. While keeping your sexual satisfaction as our focal point, the Cherry Tree Garden is here to make sure the smallest details of all your requirements are met, whether it be the discretion and privacy you need, the stunning ambience of our classic bordello, or the quality of the service you receive from our young women, we will do our utmost to exceed those expectations.

Our adult services in Melbourne want to meet all your sexual needs. So, if you have a desire to get spoilt and aroused by some of the beautiful women of Melbourne, step into the seductive world of The Cherry Tree Garden where you can find the perfect place to enjoy exceptional erotic pleasure.

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Dear client every day girls working list please check on first page down the bottom thank you ❤
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