When I answer my telephone, I usually get one of two questions: ‘What are the prices there?’ is by far the most common. It’s much more common than the general courtesy one which asks about how I am today. So, I suppose finding the price is much more important to many people than even good manners, so deserves some attention.

Do Melbourne Brothel Prices vary much?

Yes, they do. Think about buying a BMW 7 Series or a Suzuki Swift. They’ll both get you where you want to go, one with style and class with many wonderful features built in, and the other is purely functional transport – but you can buy “extras” if you want to make the trip more enjoyable. For some people, let’s call them ‘the thrifty risk takers’, you can also try the illegal massage shops or the sex goddesses on Cracker or Backpage, but may need to add on the price of a visit to your friendly doctor. And for the especially unlucky, you may find yourself clapped in irons when the local constabulary drop by – not a good look! So, yes, brothel prices do vary a lot. You just need to make sure you are comparing “apples with apples”.

Comparing suburban legal brothels with each other is a good idea, comparing a classy legal brothel with the photoshopped girl in a rented room in Southbank who probably won’t be there tomorrow, or the shabby looking High Street massage parlour, certainly isn’t.

Cheap Brothel Prices are a Good Guide to Bad Sex

Asking for brothel prices over the phone can be misleading and is not even the right question to be asking unless you understand why they vary. The discerning guest looks to value for money, which is different. They ask themselves: “What’s the experience I’m looking for?” This might cover the ambience, privacy, front-desk service standards, attractiveness of the young women, inclusions in the service, risks of something nasty and then deciding what’s a fair price for the best mix. None of which you can get from a phone call to an often, barely English-speaking receptionist.

So, listing a few telephone numbers of brothels in Melbourne and trying to save a few dollars by calling around is bad economics. Gentlemen, get in your car and pay a quick visit, the top brothels in Melbourne will happily show you around without any obligation.

You can also check out the comments on the brothel’s website or the feedback on Google which can give you some insights into whether your money is going to be well spent. Brothel prices in isolation of all the other important factors is a terrible measure for what you’re really seeking from a Brothel in Melbourne.

What People Say

Over some time now I have been fortunate to have visited many establishments claiming to be
“Melbournes’ Best Brothel”, or words suggesting similar statements.
I am now of the opinion that this claim ...

Happy New Year to Lily, girls and managers at the Cherry Tree. Unbelievable place! I’ve watched the place grow since you opened a year or so ago and always had a great time. Keep doing whatever you’re doing. ( ...

This place is getting great reviews and I would like to add mine. As others have said it is very stylishly decorated with the nice themed rooms and someone has put in a lot of attention to detail in the furnishings, d ...

From the moment you’re greeted at the door. Till you’re being waved goodbye by an exotic beauty, service and pleasure are what you get at The Cherry Tree. Highly recommend it to anyone. (Nov 10/2018)
PS. You ...

Dear lily. Amazing to come back again – it was nearly a year ago last time I came. Please post this on your website if you wish to let others know this is without doubt the best run brothel in Melbourne. You should ...

I can only agree with all the great reviews for the Cherry Tree. Lily’s running a great shop, girls are wonderful and service outstanding. October, 2018

This place seems to get great reviews was worth a visit. Amazing. I loved the friendly front desk people, the decor and, to make it complete, the girls are great – happy friendly and gorgeous. August 2018

Dear Rob and Tiffany. Been coming here since you opened last year. Love seeing the Cherry Tree doing so well and that you have never compromised on the friendly service and having happy, beautiful girls around. Had a ...

Thanks for the wonderful time with two of the beautiful, happy young women there. Great place and so nice to get a genuine full service for the prices you advertise, without a list of optional “extras” You guys ne ...

Beautiful, happy girls and great service. Thanks lily. P.s. the blog on 50 shades of grey is the funniest thing I’ve read in years! With permission-April 2/18

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