Dear Lily: My boyfriend is becoming more insistent with me about trying “Greek”; it’s driving me round the bend. This idea sounds quite revolting to me. What’s the story with men wanting to do such a gross thing with women and why is it called “Greek”? – Helen

Dear Helen: My opinion is much the same as yours especially as we have such a wonderful purpose-built alternative. It’s strange that it gets this name. I’ve only ever known one girl who pretended to enjoy it, except on PornHub – she was Greek as a matter of fact, but that’s not a very serious bit of research. These stereotypes just seem to pop up, like New Zealanders and sheep. I’ve never had a letter from a sheep approving or complaining about the Kiwi men’s preferences for them, so I don’t know how true this is either. Anyway, to your question. My advice is to give him his wish; buy a strap-on, an XXL one, and you give him what he’s asking you for, and skip the lubricant. I’m sure the requests will cease afterwards and your anterior region can continue to enjoy the task it was actually designed for.

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Oct 20

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