Dear Lily: I’m single again after a marriage that didn’t work out. I’ve had a few girlfriends since and now spend a lot of time with a girl, who is my best friend, who now wants to have sex – with a promise of no strings attached. I don’t love her that way but I like our friendship. What to do? – Paul (but not the Saint)

Dear Paul: Do you know how many millions of men who, when confronted with sex with no strings attached, would not be writing to me about it. They’d be into the shower, calling Interflora, stopping by the chemist and beating a path to her door with a grin from ear to ear. But since you did write, here’s some advice: Women try to persuade men into bed by saying that sex is just nothing, and it will simply be a pleasurable but meaningless experience. We are lying through our teeth. It’s men who want the meaningless experience, women want a deeper relationship so be prepared for a different best friend if you agree.

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Oct 20

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Dear client every day girls working list please check on first page down the bottom thank you ❤
亲爱的顾客朋友们每天工作女孩的名单请见首页底部 谢谢您的惠顾~

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