Dear Lily. I have cheated on my wife but realised it was a mistake and ended it. Now I feel very guilty whenever I see her. Should I tell her the truth? – Torn

Dear Torn: From your email, I can easily tell you love her and want to stay together. The only question for you is how would she feel if you told her. I can tell you a few possibilities: she’ll feel she’s not good enough, why didn’t she know, will you do it again, are you still lying to her, was she better than her in bed, does she know her, to name a few. Does she deserve that anguish? Your guilt will fade, but trust never returns. So keep quiet.

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Oct 20

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Dear client every day girls working list please check on first page down the bottom thank you ❤
亲爱的顾客朋友们每天工作女孩的名单请见首页底部 谢谢您的惠顾~

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