Dear Lily: For the last few months, my girlfriend has been throwing tantrums every other day over menial things like me taking overtime, cooking too slowly or even just the weather. She seems to get over it rather quickly but I find my tolerance for her to slip. What should I do? Clueless Man

Dear Clueless: it maybe that you never noticed before, perhaps you were too dazed in the glow of early romantic perfection of your love? But these are quite normal day-to-day pleasures men enjoy in their partners, and they are even more enjoyable in the pre-menstrual time where some women have been known to chew off their partner’s arm. I recommend a small Bluetooth device playing “you are not alone” by Michael Jackson until the moment passes.

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Oct 20

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Dear client every day girls working list please check on first page down the bottom thank you ❤
亲爱的顾客朋友们每天工作女孩的名单请见首页底部 谢谢您的惠顾~

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