The Cherry Tree Garden aims to prevent health risks to our girls and their customers; to protect our girls from violence, intimidation and exploitation; and to promote the welfare and occupational health & safety of everyone. We comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004, which requires that we provide a safe, risk-free working environment as far as is practicable.

We know that The Cherry Tree Girls can be at risk from an unwelcome minority of visitors, risks which include sexual activity that they have not consented to or actions that make them feel uncomfortable, frightened or threatened, including requests for condom-free sex.

Our girls have the absolute right to refuse to see any customer if they think the situation is unsafe in any way and to end any booking immediately for the same reason. Condoms must be used during any sexual activity at all times.

To help our customers understand and appreciate this policy, we provide easily accessible written information in all appropriate languages and display safe sex posters. We value and respect our loyal customers and we will always be available to explain this or any other policy of The Cherry Tree Garden.




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