Respect Policy

The Cherry Tree Garden is committed to providing a workplace that is pleasant for everyone to work in and respectful to relations between each other. This policy aims to ensure that no-one working in or visiting The Cherry Tree Garden is harassed or bullied.

We unequivocally recognise that harassment and bullying is always unwelcome and is also against the law. The most common form is sexual harassment which is behaviour of a sexual nature that is unwanted and has the effect of offending, intimidating or humiliating someone.

Other examples of harassment include: gender-based insults; sexual assault (a criminal offence); making jokes at the expense of a person with a disability; verbal abuse or derogatory comments based on race, appearance or age; and bullying.

We know that harassment may involve comments & behaviours that offend some people and not others.

We also accept that some individuals may react differently to comments and behaviours but a minimum standard of behaviour is required. Our standard, as far as is possible, will be ‘respectful of all persons’.

We have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and bullying at The Cherry Tree Garden, including education and ensuring compliance, and will do so at all times to ensure the safety of guests and their service providers.

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