I read Fifty Shades of Grey. This is the BDSM book written by female British author “E. L. James” that became a huge bestseller, devoured by pretty much every woman on Earth except my wife (or so she claims).

I think I might be the only man who read this book. I did it sneakily, hiding the cover, especially when I was on an airplane, which is a good place to read this sexual fantasy, BDSM book because you have access to a sick bag. I say this because if I were a member of the Christian right, sitting on my front porch decrying the decadent morals of working American women, what would be most alarming about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena is that millions of otherwise intelligent women are willing to tolerate such appalling prose on this level. The book is over five hundred pages long and if Jane Austen (another bestselling female British author) came back to life and read this book, she would kill herself.

So why did I read it? I read it because, as a man with decades of experience in the field of not knowing what women are thinking, I was hoping this book would give me some answers. Because a lot of women LOVED this book. And they didn’t just read it; they responded to it by developing erotic feelings — feelings so powerful that in some cases they wanted to have sex with their own husbands. I know that sounds like crazy talk, but I have firsthand confirmation of this phenomenon from my friend, Ron.

So what kind of book is Fifty Shades of Grey? I would describe it, literary genre–wise, as “a porno book.” But it’s not the kind of kinky sex porn men are accustomed to. When a man reads porn, he does not want to get bogged down in a lot of unimportant details about the characters, such as who they are or what they think. A man wants to get right to the X-rated pornography. For example:

Chapter One
Bart Pronghammer walked into the hotel room and knitted his brow at the sight of a naked woman with breasts like regulation volleyballs.
“Let’s have kinky sex,” she mused matter-of-factly.

A few paragraphs of sexual fantasy and mild S&M later they’re all done, and the male reader, having invested maybe ninety seconds of his time, can put the book down and go back to watching Wide World of Sports.

Apparently, that is not what women want, porno-wise. What women want, to judge from Fifty Shades of Grey, is not just people doing It. Many pages go by in this book without any sex, kinky or otherwise getting done, although there is a great deal of thinking and talking about It. The thoughts are provided by the narrator and main character, Anastasia, who is a twenty-one-year-old American woman as well as such a clueless, self-absorbed ninny that you, the reader, find yourself wishing that you still smoked so you would have a cigarette lighter handy and thus could set fire to certain pages, especially the ones where Anastasia is telling you about her “inner goddess.” This is a hyperactive imaginary being — I keep picturing Tinker Bell — who reacts in a variety of ways to the many dramatic developments in Anastasia’s life.

As the book begins, Anastasia has somehow managed to complete four years of college, during which time she has had—despite being so physically attractive — no romantic involvement of any kind with anybody. In fact, she’s still a virgin.

She uses the expression “Holy Cow!” a lot and when she gets upset (which is often) she says: “Crap!” When she gets really upset, she says: “Double crap!” In short, Anastasia is a totally believable and realistic depiction of a normal twenty-one-year-old female American college student as she might be imagined by a middle-aged female British author who has lived her entire life in a cave on another planet.

So anyway, early in the book Anastasia meets the main male character, Christian Grey. He is average-looking. Hah! I am of course joking. He is the handsomest man in the history of men. Lest we forget this crucial fact, Anastasia remarks on Christian’s handsomeness at least once every two pages. Her inner goddess repeatedly pees in her tiny imaginary leotard over the hotness of this man.

Anastasia and Christian meet, and he is of course attracted to her, although because of her walnut brain she can’t believe it. Christian starts stalking her and pressuring her to engage in sicko pervert sex. He wants to tie her up with ropes, handcuffs, shackles, tape, etc. He wants to blindfold and gag her. He wants to spank her, whip her, flog her, cane her, paddle her, put nipple and genital clamps on her, bite her and use hot wax on her. We know this because he asks her to sign a contract agreeing to let him do these things to her. Yes! To be fair, the contract clearly states that there will be “no acts involving fire play . . . urination or defecation and the products thereof” and “no acts involving children or animals.” Because that’s the kind of old-fashioned romantic guy Christian is.

What do you think Anastasia does when she sees this contract? Do you think she gets herself a restraining order and an industrial-sized drum of pepper spray, which would be the response of a normal sane woman or reasonably intelligent spaniel? Not our Anastasia! Crap no! She decides to go right ahead and get into a sexual relationship with Christian even though she thinks he is a moody weirdo pervert. (But hot!)

So the plot is: They have sex, she wants to smooch, he wants to flog, there’s a lot of talking about this, they have sex again, she again wants to smooch, he again wants to flog, there’s a lot more talking about this, and so on for several hundred word-filled pages.

Finally, Anastasia decides to let Christian flog her, to see what it would be like. He takes a belt and flogs her on the bum. Then, in the dramatic climax to the story, the moment we have been building up to, Anastasia comes to a shocking, life-changing realisation, which nobody could have foreseen in a million years: Getting flogged on the bum hurts. Yes! It’s painful! Anastasia does not like it! Double crap!!

So she breaks up with him. And then . . . the book is over. I’m serious. That’s the plot.

There are two more books in this series which I haven’t read although I fully intend to do so in the future if the only alternative is crucifixion. But never mind the other two books. The first book was the big one, the one tens of millions of women could not put down. To get back to my original question, from the standpoint of a guy sincerely trying to understand women: Why was this book so incredibly popular? When so many women get so emotionally involved in a badly written, comically unrealistic porno yarn, what does this tell us? That women are basically insane? Yes.

I mean no! No. Of course it does not tell us that. What it tells us is this: Women are interested in sex.

This may be obvious to women, but, trust me, it is not obvious to men. In fact, it is contrary to everything men are led to believe, dating back to puberty. When a young man goes through puberty, he basically turns into a walking erection. He would happily have sex with any receptive female or room-temperature vegetable. He thinks about having sex all the time, but the only person he knows who wants to have sex with him is himself. He would be very interested in having sex with an actual human female, but he has no earthly idea how to accomplish this. Generally, he spends years in this frustrating state before he manages to find a woman willing to have sex with him. Some males become so desperate that they resort to paying for sex, or even running for Parliament.

Because of these experiences, men come to believe — and this belief is reinforced throughout their dating lives as they get shot down more often than the Luftwaffe, that women are nowhere near as interested in sex as they are; that women are capable, somehow, of not thinking about sex for entire minutes at a time.

So, men exist in a state of perpetual confusion about when, exactly, human females are receptive to the idea of having sex. Men wish that women had a clear signaling mechanism, as is found in other species. Dogs, for example. Years ago, I had a female German Shepherd puppy named Shawna. For the first few months of her existence, she exhibited no interest whatsoever in having sex with male dogs, and the male dogs in the neighborhood exhibited no interest in her.

And then one spring day, Wham!, Shawna became a woman. To get the word out, she turned into a 50,000-watt hormone transmitter, broadcasting a scent that traveled vast distances at the speed of lust. Horny male dogs were showing up from as far away as New Zealand. The house was surrounded, day and night. You didn’t dare to open the door for fear that a furry canine sex missile would burst past you and commence humping. There were no misunderstandings between the genders; nobody was being subtle. The male dogs were saying, “I gather from the odour you are emitting that you are receptive to having sex with a male!” And Shawna was saying, “That is correct! I very much desire to be mounted from the rear ‘doggie-style’ and I do not care by whom!”

This went on for several tense days. And then, Wham!, Shawna was over it. She stopped broadcasting and the males disappeared, and shortly thereafter Shawna was fixed and she never heard from the male dogs again, not even a postcard.

Unfortunately, human sexuality does not work this way, except in some political parties. Human females are less obvious, which means human males must be able to pick up subtle cues, and we are terrible at this. So, we tend to assume that women just aren’t that interested. Therefore the immense popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey is actually great news for men. It’s a signal from the female gender — not unlike the one broadcast by Shawna — transmitting an exciting and encouraging message to men everywhere: “We are interested in sex! We’re just not interested in sex with you unless you’re a superhot billionaire.”

OK, so this is not a totally positive message for us men. But we can work with it! We can interpret it to mean that women would like their sex lives to be more interesting. Maybe they wish that we would be more obsessive and open to sexual fantasies. Maybe they even secretly fantasise about engaging in unconventional, even kinky sexual activities. There is only one way to find out. Men: You need to have an honest, “no holds barred” conversation about BDSM, S&M or any other kinky sexual fantasy with the special woman in your life. I did this with my wife, and as difficult as this was for me, I’m glad I did because it was very revealing. Here’s the complete transcript:

Me: Hey, do you secretly want me to tie you up and flog you?

My wife: No.

Yes, communication is the key to a successful relationship. That, and not peeing in the shower. That’s pretty much all the advice I have for you men. In a word: Be sensitive. And now, if you’ll excuse me, my inner god needs to turn on the TV and watch huge men knock each other down.

Excerpted and revised from “You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty: Dave Barry on Parenting and Other Topics He Knows Very Little About.”

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I usually only have a regular session but that night I wanted to have something new and I negotiate with the girl with a slightly increased fee. Damn it was amazing! I didn’t pay much extra but the service, Maggie gave to me was like double. I’ll be back again soon girl!

I’ve been to Cherry tree garden a few times now and always have an amazing experience each time. The girls are all pretty making it so hard to choose like I want them all!!! I went with Candy this time and she was not disappointed! She knows how to please me. The experience forces me to go back to her again and again. Highly recommended!

This place is truly amazing. Today was my second visit and can’t describe in words about my experience with Momo. That girl is really a gem. Gorgeous girl giving her attention the entire time. I can’t wait for the next visit.

Hello Lily, how are you? I was in yesterday & I had an hour with a beautiful lady who has a beautiful soul, she is so delightful & her name is Susan she’s everything I prayed for & more. I will be back to spend time with Susan again. As I turned into the driveway I can see how beautiful the garden looks & as I rang the doorbell a nice gentleman answered & his name is rob & it was nice to meet him, I explained to rob the lady I wanted & rob suggested Susan. As I walked into the reception area I can see just how beautiful your establishment is with all the furnishings the decor & the rooms are absolutely beautiful. I also liked the music that was playing too as I walked in. Please say thank you to rob & Susan. Thank you too lily. I already started reading your book too. I’ll be back again to see Susan. Take care, be safe always & have a nice day. Kind regards, Harry (December 14/2019, with permission)

Dear Lily, please pass on my thanks to the wonderful Susan. She was a delight, kind, funny and beautiful. My first time at your establishment and was amazing. So many beautiful girls and so friendly when you first meet them. I will certainly be back and looking forward to my next visit with Susan. Have a great long weekend to you and everyone at the Cherry Tree Gardens. Steven (Sept 27/2019)

After reading all the reviews about The Cherry Tree Garden, I phoned and booked for a 30 minutes massage, I spoke with nicely spoken man who booked me at the time I asked for and met me at the door on my arrival, inside the door it was full of quality furnishings in each room, one of the beautiful ladies took me to one of many nice rooms, the room was very very clean and the soft music was so nice and relaxing, the best massage I have had in a very long time. The staff at The Cherry Tree Garden are very nice and approachable, thank you as you will be seeing me again and again 🙂

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