Those Years When I was An Escort Driver in Melbourne

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Escort Driver in an Asian Brothel West Melbourne

China more and more families in saucepans to send their children to study abroad, I am one of them. Came to the first year in order to reduce the economic burden of parents for my study abroad, with the help of a friend to a toy company do tally clerk. My daily work was to rush around the supermarkets to check the sales, display and customer feedback of our products. It was boring and hard work. I did this job for one year. During that time, I didn’t hear any information about Asian brothels in Melbourne, especially in Williamstown’s escort like The Cherry Tree Garden.

First Time Hearing Escort

One night, after work, as usual, I went to have a drink with a friend who was studying abroad in Melbourne. On the table, he showed off his watches and luxuries to me. I know this friend and I are doing part-time to earn living hurriedly. This friend told me that he had recently moved to a job with a good salary and asked if I was interested. The friend asked me if I had heard about Asian Escorts Melbourne. I was very confused at first, so my friend told me that it was the ones who take the girls from the brothels to guest accommodation or hotels, they can do it by driving and they earn a lot of money. Friends said that he is now working as an escort driver in Brothel West Melbourne. Compared with his previous part-time job, this job is easier and makes money faster.

After hearing what my friend said, I felt very excited about the salary. My friend may see my hesitation, so I popularize the culture of brothels in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne brothels are legal, and the people in the post are also allowed by the government, told me not to worry about the situation of violation of laws and regulations. My friend told me that I still need someone at Brothel West Melbourne. If I want to do it, he can introduce me to work there. I didn’t say yes to him in the first place. After two weeks, I asked him if he only washed sheets and vacuumed, mostly for fear of meeting people he knew. My friend said to help me ask. After a few days, my friend told me that Williamstown Brothel was available, but the salary was not as good as that of a driver, but it was better than that of a tallyman. I decided to go there. My job at Williamstown Brothel was much easier than the commute from supermarket to supermarket. My main job was to wash sheets and pillowcases in the laundry room at the end of the corridor of the brothel, which required each guest to change.

Starting My Escort Driver Job

When I have nothing to do, I can still read a book. Days passed by day by day. I made a good income, so I invited that friend who works at Brothel West Melbourne to eat dinner. The income from my friend’s work at the dinner party stimulated me directly, and finally, I made up my mind to start the escort driver job. That night, I called the manager of Williamstown Brothel to explain the situation to him. The manager also told me that many of the sex workers in the shop were Chinese girls and that it was convenient for me to do it. So I spent the next few years at Williamstown Brothel. I began to use human driving technology to carry this type of girl, every time to the guests live under the hotel, the girl gets off to trade, I sat in the car, keep the mobile phone unblocked, if the girl met abnormal, I want to immediately rush up to straighten out the other party, with the girl’s whole body and back.

During the years I worked as an escort driver at Williamstown Brothel, I earned enough money to pay for my tuition and living expenses. After graduation and coming back to China, this job is over. Looking back on the days in Melbourne, especially this job, the biggest feeling is that the work let me meet different people and had a special experience.

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