Having Safe Sex In Melbourne: risk versus reward

Having Safe Sex In Melbourne: risk versus reward

Safe sex is spoken about a lot these days. We even talk about it in schools. And so we should, sexually transmitted diseases are no fun at all and in some cases, they will kill you. But there is something else few people think much about and that’s protecting yourself from on-line people who may want to intentionally cause you harm. It’s more common than you might guess. For both these reasons, keeping safe should be top of your list when you’re considering sex with anyone you don’t know, whether you’re male or female.

Safe sex in Melbourne brothels.

In the legal brothels in Melbourne, the women you meet are a far safer bet, health-wise, than the general population, by a big margin – and by an even bigger margin over illegal brothels, posing as massage parlours, where the owners are often criminal syndicates who care nothing about the girls’ sexual health and far less about yours.

The law places a very heavy regulatory burden on licensed owners. It ensures regular checks are taken before girls can work and heavy penalties apply if this doesn’t happen. In terms of physical risks to you, as either a male or a female, legal brothels are akin to Fort Knox, and just as private, often with direct links to police should anything happen (which is rare, aside from the odd drunk who forgets the boundaries).

Online Sex Dating –“You’ve got a match!”

It’s your choice to meet a completely random stranger for a bit of casual sex. However, if you are female, you should probably take your own physical safety into consideration before you go ahead and do this. In the UK, more than 400 cases have been reported of rape, sexual assault and robbery just over the last two years from online dating apps. The true figure is probably much higher. One of the best ways to ensure your temporary lover is who he says he is, is to set up a video call. Chat about a few things and see their expression. If you get an unsafe vibe, then simply decline their invitation.

For the guys, you probably already know that on many platforms, girls are simply selling sex for money. Sometimes to buy drugs, sometimes because they’re forced to, sometimes because they don’t want to troll the casino in the hope that they will land someone before they get sprung by the casino security heavies. They won’t pay for the safety of a licensed brothel as a) they have no health check and b) they’re happy to trade high risk to keep the money they’d otherwise have to pay for the brothel room. All they need to do is go online, message a few people and see if they are up for sex, then discuss the price. Or save that little morsel for later.

The Bottom Line.

If you have sex in a licensed brothel you’re going to be safe medically and you have the certainty that you won’t be murdered in your sleep. Not to mention the choice – maybe the photoshopped angel you just met has aged somewhat since you last spoke or seems to have eaten well since then. So, having safe sex in Melbourne brothels is a great option. If you have sex with a stranger you meet on-line, it comes with risks that you need to consider. The price is about the same financially as a licenced brothel, and a good bit higher if it goes horribly wrong.

It all boils down to what you are seeking and what you are willing to risk.

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