Rachel, the shy girl.

Australia decriminalised prostitution in 1992, with the Prostitution Act of 1992 that made the government-registered prostitution businesses legal. The Cherry Tree Garden is a famous Asian brothel which was officially established in the year 2019. Everything in this business is legal. Proper health codes and hygiene are maintained on the premises. The rooms of our establishment can shy away from the rooms of the esteemed hotels. It is considered one of the best brothels in Melbourne.

The business can also be called the Asian brothel of Williamstown as most of the ladies that work here were either born in Asia or are of Asian descent. A young girl in her early twenties moved into this country in that part of Australia. She came here to start her own business but figured out it is not that easy to make that kind of money. She joined the business and got registered. Her name is Rachel, and she is highly praised and loved by customers in our brothel.

She has got a very nice body. Her breasts are firm, and she has a nice behind. She also has black hair and plump and juicy-looking lips, which makes her very attractive in our Asian brothel in the Williamstown suburb. Also when she smiles at someone, it is impossible to say no to her. So whenever some look at her innocent face, cute smile, and attractive body, they never say no to her service. She’s a valuable asset of the business and men come from all over the country to spend some time with her.

In reality, Rachel was a shy girl when she joined, and she is probably still shy, but she manages to handle her customers properly. She specialises in the girlfriend experience pack as she seems, very believable and does her part very well. Like every other girl there, she is regularly tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. As long as she’s not getting hurt, she would practically agree to anything that you want her to do.

A large number of satisfied customers of different ages have come to our brothel, of different ethnicity and locality that have given verified reviews of her service, saying that she’s worth the money, and will visit her again. Some even said that they will even pay more to spend some quality time with her, or spend time with her. It could be said that she has a lot of admirers who would do anything to be with her.

It can be said that she might even be the crown jewel of the reputed Asian brothel of Williamstown in Melbourne. So choose a price and duration from the different available packs and Rachel will be of service to you when she has the time. Different payment options are available in the reception itself. The reviews being genuine already bring a lot of customers, but if you don’t trust those, ask around the city for our entertainment services.


What People Say

I am a newbie and have only been to this place twice. But every time I went there they always treat me very nice and didn’t discriminate of my awkward appearance. Instead, the girls take a more active move trying to please me. Thanks ladies!

I usually only have a regular session but that night I wanted to have something new and I negotiate with the girl with a slightly increased fee. Damn it was amazing! I didn’t pay much extra but the service, Maggie gave to me was like double. I’ll be back again soon girl!

I’ve been to Cherry tree garden a few times now and always have an amazing experience each time. The girls are all pretty making it so hard to choose like I want them all!!! I went with Candy this time and she was not disappointed! She knows how to please me. The experience forces me to go back to her again and again. Highly recommended!

This place is truly amazing. Today was my second visit and can’t describe in words about my experience with Momo. That girl is really a gem. Gorgeous girl giving her attention the entire time. I can’t wait for the next visit.

Hello Lily, how are you? I was in yesterday & I had an hour with a beautiful lady who has a beautiful soul, she is so delightful & her name is Susan she’s everything I prayed for & more. I will be back to spend time with Susan again. As I turned into the driveway I can see how beautiful the garden looks & as I rang the doorbell a nice gentleman answered & his name is rob & it was nice to meet him, I explained to rob the lady I wanted & rob suggested Susan. As I walked into the reception area I can see just how beautiful your establishment is with all the furnishings the decor & the rooms are absolutely beautiful. I also liked the music that was playing too as I walked in. Please say thank you to rob & Susan. Thank you too lily. I already started reading your book too. I’ll be back again to see Susan. Take care, be safe always & have a nice day. Kind regards, Harry (December 14/2019, with permission)

Dear Lily, please pass on my thanks to the wonderful Susan. She was a delight, kind, funny and beautiful. My first time at your establishment and was amazing. So many beautiful girls and so friendly when you first meet them. I will certainly be back and looking forward to my next visit with Susan. Have a great long weekend to you and everyone at the Cherry Tree Gardens. Steven (Sept 27/2019)

After reading all the reviews about The Cherry Tree Garden, I phoned and booked for a 30 minutes massage, I spoke with nicely spoken man who booked me at the time I asked for and met me at the door on my arrival, inside the door it was full of quality furnishings in each room, one of the beautiful ladies took me to one of many nice rooms, the room was very very clean and the soft music was so nice and relaxing, the best massage I have had in a very long time. The staff at The Cherry Tree Garden are very nice and approachable, thank you as you will be seeing me again and again 🙂

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