How to get the best brothel experience in Melbourne

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One thing I realised early-on in my brothel visiting days is that all brothels are not equal. Far from it. I expect most people can remember their first visit to a brothel, and the idea that some may be less equal than others isn’t what’s front and centre in your mind at the time. That first time can be nerve-wracking. I recall forgetting my earlier dreamy thoughts of having the best brothel experience in Melbourne that my mate promised me at this place; the first time it was all just a bit other-worldly and intimidating. But, having garnered a bit of courage, I rang the doorbell – that point of no return. The door opened and suddenly I felt scared that I might see someone I knew, or worse, be recognised. 

The Best Brothel Experience in Melbourne

It was fine of course, and I realised the whole experience was uniquely amazing. Where else in the world could anyone find a half-dozen, gorgeous women who, in my wildest dreams I could never meet in real life, all competing for the chance to have sex with me in a beautiful place?  

It wasn’t always so magical. Occasional visits to other, lesser brothels showed me the tawdry side of the business. Some I left quickly because, to me, the girls working there were unhappy or were clearly drug-affected. The glassy eyes, the disinterested body language and so on. The atmosphere in those places just didn’t feel right. Critics of the sex industry claim exploitation of sex workers happens; in some of the seedier brothels it’s easy to believe their claims.

On the other hand, I was lucky enough to find a couple of brothels in Melbourne where both the girls and the patrons are treated with respect. It’s easy to see the difference. Once I found these places, I never went anywhere else. The girls were happy, friendly and enthusiastic, and after I got to know a few a little better, their “working-face” was discarded and we related to each other as people not just as patron/worker. These girls told me they felt lucky to be working in a shop that respected them and didn’t use or abuse them. They also told me horror stories of some of the other places they’d worked. They explained that when given a safe place to work, sex work is empowering for them. None of these girls looked or sounded like victims.

So, back to the subject of my blog: How to get the best brothel experience in Melbourne? The first by now is obvious: find a place or two that you like, where the girls and the service always give you a “good vibe” and stick with it. The second is equally apparent for those of us that have shopped around. There are places, legal ones as well as the grotty illegals, that should not be operating and the best we can do is neither patronise them, nor encourage them by spending money and furthering the plight of those that work there. 

Ensuring patrons always get the best brothel experience is still a way off. We first need to educate ourselves and, importantly, younger men, to respect women who choose to become sex workers, and only spend our money in establishments that treat their girls and patrons with respect. And let’s learn how to recognise those establishments that do provide the best brothel experience in Melbourne. If we don’t, men will continue to visit establishments that do not treat their workers or patrons with respect, and women will continue to be used and abused.

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