Attention Men: 2 keys to great sex in the classic brothels of Melbourne

Attention Men: 2 keys to great sex in the classic brothels of Melbourne

As soon as someone mentions sex, most men think about getting her panties off and getting into the action. That’s like mentioning cricket and thinking T20. There’s a lot more to cricket than a six into the Member’s stand (though that’s pretty special, I admit). And there’s much more to sex than slipping it in.

The classic brothels of Melbourne have some of the most beautiful young women you’ll ever meet. But according to the conventional wisdom, all women are very complicated emotionally, and therefore, sex with them is too. One of women’s main sexual complaints in the real world and in brothels is that men rush into the deed. A few kisses, some groping at her breasts, and many men are ready to do the nasty. But in the privacy of a brothel, she’s not going to change her mind, you won’t get interrupted and she won’t worry about your performance.

Men can enjoy even better sex in the top brothels in Melbourne by following a few simple steps.

Don’t confuse porn with real life.

When it comes down to getting down, most men these days get their sex education from pornography. With a billion pages available for free on the Internet, porn has become the leading sex educator of men—and it models sex all wrong. Porn is 90 percent genital and most of the action involves women eagerly welcoming erections into two, and sometimes three, erotic openings. In other words, porn is all about the genitals and vastly under-emphasises extended, playful, mutual whole-body massage and fun.If you enjoy watching Roadrunner tricking Wile E. Coyote into chasing him off a cliff, go ahead, enjoy yourself. It’s animation, a fantasy. You’d never run off a cliff yourself. But by imitating porn, that’s what men do—run off an erotic cliff and fall into unsatisfying sex.

Slow it down

Beautiful young women in the top brothels in Melbourne enjoy sex, just like you.
So, slow down, and then slow down even more. In addition, widen your focus beyond sex to her whole body. This not only enhances her experience of sex and how she’ll respond to you (which is what you want, right?), but also helps you perform the way you’d like — less risk of premature ejaculation, erection problems, and difficulty coming. The entire body, every square centimetre, is an erotic playground, don’t just explore a few corners. Kiss her, cuddle close, and run your hands gently all over her — except between her legs. Massage her scalp. Fondle her ears (very erotically sensitive). Caress her neck, arms, and shoulders, areas where many people store tension. Run your hands up and down her back. Massage the backs of her knees…

Intercourse can be great fun and nearly all women love it. But no matter how large your erection or how long the intercourse, the old in-out doesn’t provide enough direct stimulation to get most women off. If you’re visiting one of the classic brothels in Melbourne and really want the best fantasy from a beautiful young woman, which after all is what you’re paying for, take the excitement beyond the penis, and get firmer erections that last longer.

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